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Portland SEO serviceToday – SEO needs to be at the forefront of website planning and this means every page, every article. The trick is to not let it get in the way of your websites content and design, but simply complement them in an appropriate way. But it is always there and you need to be always thinking about it. The days of optimization being an after-thought are over. Many business owners are relatively clueless when it comes to SEO and how much it can benefit their business. Our primary goal at Inova Web is to help every one of our clients achieve maximum web visibility and maximum return on their investment.

We hit Search Engine Optimization from multiple angles using the most up to date methods and industry BEST practices. We do NOT endorse or utilize cheap SEO tactics that some other competitors may resort to. Our results may take a bit longer, but they are real results, that will sustain for the longterm.

Enhance your online profile with internet directories –

Inova provides optimized listings for your business in the industry’s most relevant online directories (such as,,, and more). All our listings are readily accessible and can be modified on a weekly basis to ensure the most up to date information and make changes as needed. This provides search engines like Google the most accurate and consistent information to enhance search engine trust, relevancy and therefore search position.

Couple our optimized directory listings with our map optimization service for best results. You will be off to an early start at getting your website and listings ranking high in the search engines!

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What SEO can do for your web site:

  • Obtain one or multiple spots on the first page of Search Engines
  • Turn searchers into buyers
  • Potentially see a 100% – 500% increase (or more) in website traffic
  • Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Broaden your market share
  • Our SEO Promise

    SEO service guarantee

    Our SEO and PPC services are comprehensive and specialized for EACH of our clients for maximum targeted visibility.

    Guaranteed Results!

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