SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

To put it in simple terms, SEO is the formula for getting your business or venture found in the Search Engine organic results (main results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing) by relevant searchers. Quality SEO service targets those that are looking for your type of business or information and are likely to convert to customers or followers. Inova uses many different Search Engine Optimization techniques to get you seen above and before your competition and keep relevant users finding YOU every time. Every website we do comes with internal optimization but to get the best results enhance your site with one of our SEO packages!

What is the Difference between Search Engine Placement (SEP) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Placement and Search Engine Optimization both have the same goal, to get you SEEN in the search engines. The challenge is getting you seen on the first page, where it really counts. Search Engine Placement is done through paid or “sponsored” search placement by a qualified individual or service provider. The results shown at the very top and sides of a Google, Yahoo, and Bing search are the paid placement (SEP) results.

All other results are considered “organic” and require Search Engine Optimization built over time to achieve first page ranking.

Just below the top sponsored results are the Map Listings (if your given search triggered them). The search engine map listings are considered an organic result and there is no paid placement for these listings. Optimization of map results is done organically using smart techniques and key SEO factors. The results are considered organic because they happen naturally and as a result of the search engine evaluating the actual “relevance” of your map listing over time when compared to the search phrase that was used.

The same goes for the main search engine results that make up the rest of the page, the ones you are probably most familiar with. These are also considered organic results and are based on how well you have improved the “relevancy” of your site for your targeted search terms. This is done both internally and externally. Organic results can take from a couple weeks to a couple months to show up in the search engines because they are rated and indexed BY the engines themselves, not sponsored or paid for.

Why do I need both Search Engine Placement AND Search Engine Optimization?

To be successful with internet marketing (and rise above your competition) requires multiple angles. Being seen in the organic results (on the maps and in the main results section below) is achieved over time and through effective organic optimization of both your website and any relevant sites where your website is listed (partner sites, social media networks, online directories, etc.). Building a solid organic SEO campaign is like building the foundation that all your other advertising efforts will gain support from – it is an essential part of internet marketing.

Search Engine Placement (being seen in key sponsored areas) is also an invaluable and important service we recommend to all our clients. This service makes it possible to have your different ads show up for the appropriate searches on the FIRST page of the search engines in less than a day. This is an essential part of internet marketing; especially early on in your campaign while we are waiting for the organic results to show.

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