As many of the brave few know, starting a business can be a very difficult endeavor. Having the right combination of marketing, luck, patience, industry connections, and hard work are all keys to a young companies success.

Also of key importance is filling the right service need and getting in the game at the right time.

Factors to consider if you’re just not able to get over the proverbial hump:

  1. Are you putting all your marketing eggs in one basket?
    • Many businesses make the mistake of putting too much trust in one method or avenue of marketing/advertising, while not diversifying to others that could be more effective.
  2. Are you currently targeting the right market for your product?
    • Advertising and marketing can help you get “seen” in a general sense, but are you visible to the right people, ie. your target market?
  3. Is the market right – and ready – for your product or service to succeed?
    • Timing can be everything in marketing and advertising, especially when breaking into a currently competitive environment. Making sure you have your timing right and testing the waters a bit before fully committing is also very important.
  4. Are your marketing efforts verifiable and trackable?
    • Investing money into marketing your company can be a stressful endeavor – both because it can require substantial resources your company may or may not be able to afford to lose, and because often times you don’t get to see if that money is TRULY being spent well and having the effect you desired. Try to keep as much of your marketing dollar going towards verifiable avenues as possible.